Hub of Busan, City of Happiness

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you.
I am Seo Eunsuk, the mayor of Busanjin-gu.

Busanjin-gu is in the center of Busan.
The transportation system stretches in all directions allowing you to come and go from any place in Korea.
The only citizens park in Busan and Children’s Grand Park are in Busanjin-gu.

‘Seo-myeon’, the largest downtown area in Busan, is the best alley tour place with the Jeopo Café Street,
a hot place attracting the attention of the New York Times. Seo-myeon Medical Street is the Mecca
of cosmetic medical services, a traditional market, department stores, and accommodations,
including hotels lining the streets. Seo-myeon is the best place for shopping.

As the hub of Busan, the district where the ‘citizens sovereignty and people-oriented’
and where the administration is implemented, it’s Busanjin-gu.
Busanjin-gu citizens and Netizens, we will always welcome you.

The mayor of Busanjin-gu,Seo Eunsuk


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