Hub of Busan, City of Happiness

Latitude & Longitude of Busanjin-gu

Site,East Longitude,North Latitude,Length(㎞)의 정보를 제공하는 반응형 Latitude&Longitude of Busanjin-gu 표 입니다.
Latitude & Longitude Length (㎞)
Site East Longitude North Latitude
San 50-1, Jeonpo-dong (eastern tip) 129° 05′ 07″ 35° 09′ 17″ East-West: 6.2
San 34, Dangam-dong (west) 129° 00′ 43″ 35° 10′ 06″
San 81-1, Gaya-dong (south) 129° 01′ 34″ 35° 07′ 53″ South-North: 6.3
98-1, Choieup-dong (north) 129° 02′ 30″ 35° 11′ 45″

Local Features

Hub of Busan

Busanjin-gu is in the center of Busan Metropolitan City. It borders Daeyeon-dong and Munhyeong-dong, Nam-gu on the east. The western area of ‘Hwangnyeong’ is adjacent to Jurye-dong, Sasang-gu. The southern area of Baegyang is adjacent to Dongdaesin-dong and Sujeong-dong in Seo-gu and Beomil-dong in Dong-gu. The northern area of ‘Eomgwangsan Mountain’ is adjacent to Geoje-dong, and Yeonje-dong, Yeonsan-gu.

Center of Transportation System

Busanjin-gu is the important site with the transportation system stretching from Jungang-ro, Gaya-ro, Jeonpo-ro and Sasaek-ro around Seomyeon-ro intersect to and spread to other regions. In particular, Busanjin-gu is the transportation hub where the subway lines No. 1 and 2 cross with 881,857 people passing by and 296,856 cars a day.

Center of Commercial Activity

Busanjin-gu is the center of the transportation network stretching in all directions with large-scale markets having modern facilities, a variety of shopping centers, and food and entertainment facilities. The hub of the financial, commercial and transportation facilities has been located in Busanjin-gu for a long time. Thanks to such development, Busanjin-gu became the base for city development continuing in Busan in the 21st century.


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