Hub of Busan, City of Happiness


Symbol Mark

  • Having been officially used since Apr. 15, 1997, the symbol mark of Busanjin-gu expresses that Busanjin-gu is the hub of Busan, having financial, commercial, distribution, transportation, and information facilities. The whirlpool design means citizens are united through the 5-way intersection in Seo-myeon. It symbolizes that Busanjin-gu stretches toward the world in the age of globalization.

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District Tree: Crape Myrtle Tree

  • The crape myrtle tree, the small deciduous broadleaf tree, symbolizes abundance, unity, tenacity, and vitality. The Crape myrtle trees on Hwajisan Mountain in Yangjeong-dong are the only natural monuments (No. 168) among all crape myrtle trees in Korea. The crape myrtle tree represents the historic and cultural value of Busanjin-gu.

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District Flower: Royal Azalea

  • The royal azalea symbolizes courtesy, tenacity, and abundance. The gorgeous figure of abundant flowers, which are very popular, implies unity. A variety of events, including a small concert, are held in the royal azalea colony in Baegyangsan Mountain representing Busanjin-gu. Busanjin-gu holds the Baegyangsan Royal Azalea Festival as its representative festival.


District Bird: Magpie

  • The magpie, the traditional resident bird of Korea, is a lucky bird symbolizing hope. The magpie lives here and there in Korea. The magpie is ta forward-looking bird making its nest at the end of a branch.

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District Song: Busanjin-gu Song

  • Click the District Song Score image on the left, and you can see the enlarged image.


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