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Registered Cultural Heritages

Seongjigok Valley Reservoir

Seongjigok Valley Reservoir

  • Designation: Registered Cultural Heritage No. 376
  • Date of Designation: Jul. 3, 2008
  • Address: in Children’s Park, 295(Choeup-dong), Saessak-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan

Seongjigok Valley Reservoir in the Children’s Park is a superb scenic spot in Busan. a legend says that Seongji, the famous geomancer during the Joseon period, found the most magnificent valley here in Gyeongsang-do during his journey when visiting famous mountains throughout the country and named it Seongjigok Valley.

Diesel-Electric Locomotive No. 2001

Diesel-Electric Locomotive No. 2001

  • Designation: Registered Cultural Heritage No. 416
  • Date of Designation: Oct. 17, 2008
  • Address: Danggam-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan (Busan Traction and Rolling Stock Maintenance Group)

Diesel-electric locomotive No. 2001 is maintained by the Busan Traction and Rolling Stock Maintenance Group and is an SW-8 type locomotive manufactured by EMD GM of the USA in 1950. This locomotive was one of 35 diesel-electric locomotives that the UN forces brought to Korea on July 15, 1951 for the transportation of military supplies during the Korean War due to the inefficiency and inconvenience of the existing steam locomotive.


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